Sunday, August 2, 2009

Our new steal of a deal bedroom set!!!

Todd and I finally purchased our first bedroom set!!! I've been keeping my eye open for a steal for quite sometime. I can't help it...I am without a doubt a bargain hunter. Anyway, I saw this set on the Roomstore website a couple weeks ago and really liked. I showed it to Todd and he really liked it as well BUT I felt like I could find a better deal so I kept looking. On Friday I was checking craigslist again for any new deals and I found this exact set on there! A girl was selling this set minus the chest and plus a second nightstand for $850!!! I figured we could buy it from her then go to the store and just buy the chest to complete the set and still only spend 1350 after the fact. Anyway... we went into Roomstore today and told the salesman the situation and after MUCH back and forth negotiating (thanks Todd) he finally said he would match that price!!! Long story short we got what would be an 1800 set for 1350!!! PLUS its new and will be delivered and set up!!! YAY :)
Now my search for the mattress set is on full force :)

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Our new home!!! :)

Everything we wanted! Three level, 2 car garage, end unit, nice gated community, open floorplan, nice kitchen with big island for cooking, 24 hour fitness center, pool and so on....SO excited, so HAPPY!!! Closing Date set for August 10th!!!!!!!!!!!

Friday, June 26, 2009


Its so hard to find time to keep up with all this stuff but I thought I better update our lives over here before it got way out of control and I have like a year to catch up on or something.
1. Todd and I moved into our apt the end of April.
2. I started my new job at the end of April as well.
3. I turned 22 on May 4th!
4. We have been searching for our home!
5. We found one we loved and bid on it BUT we lost the bid so the search continues...
6. My sister had a baby boy, Garrett!!! First Nephew of the bunch! He is so cute!
7. Todd turned 26 on June 24th!
I think I hit all the main points...and I did it w/o writing a book so I am quite proud of myself. I will let you know what else it new as soon as I remember to update. I will also get some pics up in here.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

OH taxes

So I got home about midnight lastnight from MO. It was a fun trip but I'm pretty exhausted today but luckily for me I get to deal with the taxes, yay! NO. So we had our taxes all prepared and Todd picked them up yesterday. Its my job to get everything mailed off and so on which I thought ok easy, no big deal. WRONG! Maybe it wouldn't be such a mess if we hadn't lived and worked in a million different places! We have Federal, Missouri, Utah and Virginia to file this year! Not to mention Todd's summer sales stuff really complicated things. So here I am looking at all this paper reading through all these instructions trying to get this all right. I took a break as you can see...because quite frankly I don't know what I'm doing nor is Todd here to sign what he needs to sign. So its about 1PM and this stuff needs to be in today so maybe its time to start stressing out, haha.

Monday, April 6, 2009

Our Moving Plan

Todd and I found an apt to rent while we house hunt. We are so excited because we found everything we wanted. Its in a great location, its big 1500 Sq ft, seperate everything, all utilities included, no extra charge for Jasmine, and no contract so when we find the perfect house we are free to go. Thanks craigslist!!! So, we have scheduled our plan of attack to gather our belongings from across the US. Step 1: I am flying to MO today to pack up all of our things that are at my parents house. I will be visiting and enjoying Easter with them as well. This isn't just a work trip... I fly back on the 14th. Step 2: Todd and his Uncle Todd will be flying to UT on the 16th. They will pick up our moving truck and take it to our storage unit and empty it out. Step 3: Drive to MO and pack up all of our belonging being stored at my parents house. Step 4: Drive to Ashburn VA and unload the truck. Step 5: Unpack and return truck Step 6: SLEEP! Hopefully all of this will be done by April 20th. So thats what the plan is, wish us luck!!!

Saturday, March 14, 2009


First fire tuck had just arrived, can hardly see the house...

Had broken out quite a few windows and smoke was venting out now...
This is hours later, the fire was under control and it seemed things were wrapping up. I took this from inside Uncle Todd's family room...thats how close it was!

Todd and I went over to his Uncle Todd's house today to use their garage to change the oil in our cars. Todd had just finished working on my car so I parked it on the street and started getting in his car to pull his car up when I noticed it smelled like something was on fire. I stopped what I was doing...listened and I could hear an alarm. I walked down the street a little to see past the curve in the street and then I saw it...SMOKE, SMOKE!!! FIRE!!! The neighbors had already called the fire dept. and the family was just coming out of the house. I called Todd out and he went closer up to the house by the family and they said they were remodeling in the basement and there was a propane tank that must of caught fire. They said their kids weren't home and they got the dog out so everyone was safe. I have never seen anything like this in my life. I have seen house fires on the news but when your there in person its crazy. The smoke is overwhelming! It covered the entire neighborhood with a thick layer to the point where we couldn't see, like a very thick fog. It felt like it took the fire dept forever to get there, every second seemed like an hour. I was watching this family watch their home go up in flames and it was heartbreaking. The fire dept got there and they hooked up the hose just down the street and ran up to the house. They first broke out all of the windows and doors to let the smoke vent. As soon as they did this black smoke funneled out everywhere, it was horrible....watching and hearing them tear the house apart. We went back to Uncle Todd's house and closed the garage door and finished up on our cars because the smoke was horrible to breath in and I just couldn't watch anymore, it was so sad.

Friday, March 13, 2009

HGTV Dream Home 2009!

I love watching HGTV! Anyway, they do a dream home give-a-way every year and this year I entered every day. The home is in Sonoma California!!! It comes fully furnished, with a new GMC Acadia and even a dream home doggie house and we all know Jasmine Love deserves that! Sunday March 15th is when we find out who the winner is. I am so excited because its going to be me!!! (I am thinking positive) Everybody watch!!!

Sunday, March 15th, 8pm, 7pm central.
check out the pics at